Offset bowl

After a bit of a drought on the turning front, today i had a go at an offset decorative bowl.

Starting with a blank hot glued to a piece of 26mm MDF which was in turn screwed to a face plate, i turned a small hollow, the fastest speed i got to was 365 RPM due to the amount the blank was out of center. I had toyed with the idea of screwing something to the MDF over hang to counter weight the piece but as nothing was to hand i ploughed on slowly.

I had hoped to re-use the MDF but being worried about the stability of the blank i over did it with the hot glue & ended up tearing the MDF to bits getting the blank off. On a plus side it showed how well the glue holds.

With a new piece of MDF screwed to the face plate, the blank was reversed. I`d chamfered the edge of the MDF with a hand plane as i was going to try a different approach with the hot glue.

With the blank centered on the MDF i filled the chamfer with hot glue, it was then time to mount it on the lathe.

Happy that the blank was holding, i turned the bottom of the bowl including a foot. Not only did i want the foot for holding purposes, but as this is only going to be a decorative piece, i like to see the bowl raised as it adds lightness to what is quite a big bowl.

This time the bowl was much easier to remove, just running a Stanley knife through the glue joint.

With the bowl held in a chuck via the foot, the face was trued up & sanded, once happy with the surface prep, the bowl was sprayed with a coat of acrylic sanding sealed & then acrylic lacquer.

This will be de-nibed & sprayed a couple more times before being returned to the lathe & cutting back with burnishing cream.


  1. I think this is great. Nice post as well with the step by step.

  2. Thanks Mr Turner for going to the trouble of posting this, most interesting.
    I particularly like the top-tip about the hot glue.



  3. Thanks for the positive comments, appreciated.