Bog Oak


Teak & Pink Ivory

Coccobolo & Black wood

London plane & Masur Birch

Sapele & Maple brick pen


Maple & sapele brick pen


Over the last few years i`ve made a selection of handles & tools here are a few along with a couple of photos of my lathe.

Articulated hollowing tool made from steel bar & Hamlets little brother cutting tip & shield.

Apple wood handles on 2 spindle gauges & Ash handle (middle) ready for a parting blade.

Oak & Ash mallet, Ebony & Beech hammer

Beech handles

This is my lathe, I added the storage not only for the added bonus of a place to keep things lathe related, but also as it`s made from a sheet & a half of 18mm MDF so adds a lot of stability. The dust extraction is via a 4" soil pipe to a large 2200 litre per minute extractor, the intake is a 4" flexible toilet connecter that enables me to get the extraction as close as possible to the work piece.



Yew vase

Natural edged bowl

Chunky Yew bowl

Natural edged Horse Chestnut bowl

Spalted Beech bowl

Elm clock

Rippled Ash jar

Chestnut burr natural edged bowl


Sepele bowl

Sycamore & Horse Chestnut apples & pears in a Chestnut bowl.

Spalted  Sycamore hollow form with Blackwood finialed lid

Large Spalted Sycamore apple with Walnut stem

Horse Chestnut burr bowl with natural edge

Blackwood beehive knobs