Brick pen

This is a guide to how i go about making a "brick pen"
First i start with a 3/4" square length of  sapele, this is cut in half length ways & the cut edges planed flat.

With a false fence fixed to the bandsaw fence a veneer strip is cut from a piece of maple, the cut edge is sanded flat.

The veneer strip is then glued between the 2 halves of sapele.

This is then repeated so a length ways cross of maple is formed, this is then fitted on the lathe between centers.

Then turned to a cylinder & a hole drilled through the center for the pen tubes.

The cylinder is then cut up into sections at the chop saw, sacrificial fence & base prevents tear out & a stop block ensures the sections are the same length.

These sections are then glued to another veneer of maple with ca glue & activator

Cut into separate sections once again the veneer is sanded flush.

The sections are were then glued to the pen tubes with ca glue staggering the sections to form the brick pattern.

back to the lathe & the blanks are turned to shape.

The finished pen.