Beehive Knobs

I was recently asked to make some beehive knobs.
So after making a sample the design below was agreed.

The knobs were to be made from Maple, so i started some 1 1/4" square timber mounted between centers.

This was turned round, spigots & blank lengths marked out & cut with a parting tool.

The spigots were turned down to 1/2", not only would these  later be the means of holding the blanks in a chuck, but are also for fixing to the cabinets.

At this stage the blanks were cut up in to single pieces at the bandsaw.

Re-mounted in pin jaws, the rough shape of the knob was turned with a spindle gauge.

Then with a beading tool the pattern was formed.

The pattern finished & some intricate sanding complete

Finally after a few hours the order was complete, the eagle eyed will notice there are 2 different sizes.